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Laura Greene began her career as a floral designer in 1992, just a short time after her own wedding. As a young bride herself, she experienced the frustration of wanting high quality flowers and great design, but on a tight budget as well. Many of the higher end designers were unwilling to work with her once they realized the budget she was working with.

Shortly after that, Laura trained with an award winning designer in the Boston area for several years and since that time has been working with brides, and their mothers and families with a deep commitment to the absolute highest standards of creative and unique floral designs and the highest quality of flowers and other products available for those designs. She is committed to and skilled with handling both small and large budgets, on a small or grand scale (and anywhere in between), to give each bride exactly what she is looking for on her unique and special day.

Laura brings that same commitment, expertise and creativity into every event she works on, be it a special anniversary or birthday celebration, office party event, a charity ball, as well as her interior design projects. She gives individual attention and listens carefully to what each client wants before developing a design plan for the project.

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